Who We Are

“The inspiration came from spending 6-8 hours every week preparing solutions in the Oxford Biochemistry Department.”

Years ago we had this exciting idea to launch a company that would help scientists worldwide by automating perhaps the most ubiquitous processes in laboratories.

LabMinds was founded after winning an entrepreneurial idea competition at the University of Oxford in 2008. Fast forward and now we are based in Boston, MA and Oxford, UK, have Systems in North America and Europe, including at many of the Top Pharma companies around the World.

Our passionate, entrepreneurial team is transforming how solutions are perceived. They are not an integral part of the laboratory experience, but rather a major source of replication errors and a basic tool that yields very little, if any, scientific data.

With this in mind, we are automating the entire process at all scales and stages, from discovery to late stage QC and from the newest startup to the biggest production facility.

With the Revo, LabMinds has enabled scientists to concentrate on the more interesting questions by removing the burden of preparing buffers. While at the same time, removing the major sources of error in the replication crisis.

Fill test tubes with solution
Woman in lab coat pouring a solution