Product and Services


The system that helps you apply the same level of stringency to your solutions as you do to your samples

From Discovery to Production Labs, The Revo solution preparation system can be used throughout the drug development process ensuring reliability, consistency and reproducibility in any location.


1) 14 solid containers

  • 250-500mL volume per container
  • dose from 300mg

2) 12 liquids

  • w/ safety caps – dose from 0.3mL

3) Water

  • DI or type II, purified to type I internally


4) Mixing Chamber

  • pH and conductivity sensors

5) 4 Bottles

  • 1-2L each, w/ or w/o vacuum filtering
Instrument Care

Extends the warranty of your instrument and covers the following:

  • Two preventive maintenance visits per year
  • Replacement parts and support visits over the covered period, plus unlimited water purification consumables
  • Instrument performance improvements, software product upgrades
Remote Support

Online / Cloud services include:

  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Data storing
  • Remote monitoring and tracking
  • Centralized access to LabMinds developed recipes AI Platform solutions and the FreeForm ordering tool
Chemical & Recipe Development

Implementation and optimization of customer provided chemicals and solution recipes