Software Releases

Software Release Notes, 22.04


Any task in the History log can now be downloaded as a PDF file

Customers who do not want to allow restocking of expired chemicals can request this permission to be disabled. Contact LabMinds support to have this permission disabled.

Orders, Revo Status and Restocking procedures have been optimized and are updating more quickly in the user interface.

The vacuum filtering algorithm used in FreeForm recipes has been corrected to handle recipes with or without surfactant components

Software Release Notes, 1.56.0


Users with administrative privileges will be able to create, view and edit users and their roles

The restock page now has a details page along with a pdf download

Solution PDFs have been improved to mirror the information displayed on the detail pages

Maintenance task names have been standard and all historic maintenance task data updated to reflect this

Liquid restocking now allows partially filled containers to be restocked

Users can now specify a custom solution name when they create a Free-Form solution

Software Release Notes, 1.55.0


Users now need to acknowledge during a restock that they wish to continue loading an expired chemical container.

→Expired chemical container notice and acknowledgement

→Prevention of automatic use of expired chemical containers

→Container creation displays manufacturer name and product reference